Our story

Create something new with what we already have.
Because it is sustainable, it is possible to create products that are full of individuality and design.
Two brands born under such a concept
shoeface ' and 'OANDE are.

We make one-of-a-kind shoelaces, bags, etc. from old scarves, kimono fabrics, and traditional fabrics from Japan and other countries.
Our goal is to make products that are not wasteful, that do not produce waste, and that have new value even when they are no longer used as they were originally intended.
We are aiming for this goal, but due to the nature of our products, there are inevitably some parts and fabrics that cannot be used up.
QUCOT" was created to cover this problem.





Old scarves that are not suitable for shoe laces or bags, which require strength, can be made stronger by braiding them.

Products from two other brands can be further upgraded and reborn as something completely different.

By making traditional fabrics more accessible
help to inform the techniques and lives of the craftsmen  who make them, both at home and abroad.

We will continue to grow as a place for many other fabrics and products.